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Welcome to the MERLOT World Languages Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning languages. You are invited to join and contribute to this growing learning community by using the online materials and submitting your own modules for inclusion in the collection. You will find a wide variety of materials for use online and in the classroom. Please join MERLOT now and become a part of the World Languages Community. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Editor  of the World Languages Editorial Board.



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Tips for Teaching World Languages with Technology was developed by the World Languages Editorial Board to provide some ideas on how to use MERLOT materials for teaching and learning.

In Teaching World Languages, our Editorial Board has selected a representative sample of learning materials that make effective use of technology to teach languages.

MERLOT World Languages invites you to suggest ways to use the learning materials in the collecton by submitting a member comment. See the material view of the item you like to leave a member comment.

For general pedagogy resources, visit MERLOT's Pedagogy Portal.

In People, meet the MERLOT World Languages peer reviewers and learn more about the MERLOT World Languages community. World Languages faculty can interact with colleagues worldwide by consulting the Member Directory.

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.Members who log in to MERLOT can also interact with authors of learning materials in the collection. This dialogue makes MERLOT a vibrant learning community.

We welcome you to the World Languages collection of learning materials. In this section, get tips on how to find what you need in our ever-growing collection of tutorials, simulations, animations, web quests, drills, realia and reference tools.

 Here you will learn about the categorization scheme of the World Languages collection and find some tips on the material submission process.

There are a variety of definitions of learning materials. In MERLOT World Languages, we consider a learning material to be "any digital entity designed to meet a specific learning outcome that can be reused to support learning".

In Beyond MERLOT, you can make connections to professional associations that hold conferences and journals related to the scholarship of teaching in your specific discipline within World Languages.

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Consider this your resource to engage with the profession. Come here for information on important events in the global World Languages Community.


MERLOT World Languages recognizes Dr. Orlando Kelm of the University of Texas at Austin, for his Spanish language website,  Spanish Proficiency Exercises. The site consists of audio exercises at various proficiency levels that allow students to practice listening comprehension of fluent Spanish as it is spoken by native speakers from diverse backgrounds. The audio files vary in speed and complexity to suit the needs of  students of different levels of language proficiency. Spanish Proficiency Exercises received a five star peer review from the World Languages Editorial Board, qualifying it as a recipient of its 2014 Classics Award. Congratulations and thank you, Dr. Kelm for sharing this excellent resource with the MERLOT community.